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    Are you looking to hire a private investigator in Coolville, Ohio?

    Then you have come to the right place. Here are seven quick tips to keep in mind before hiring a private detective:

    1.) Does the private investigator offer the service(s) you need?

    Before conducting any more research, make sure the private investigation agency in Coolville OH offers the services you need. A lot of private investigators offer very specialized services and do not offer their services to the general public.

    So whether you are an attorney, insurance carrier, business or private individual, make sure to learn whether the PI offers the services you need before going any further.

    You can learn more about private investigation agencies' services by:

    • Reviewing their profile on
    • Checking out their website
    • Contacting them and asking directly

    2.) Is the PI licensed in their state?

    With the exception of a few states, private investigators are required to be licensed and to adhere to their state's regulations.

    3.) Is your private investigator in Coolville, Ohio fully bonded and insured?

    A lot of states require PI's to be bonded and insured. Before hiring a private detective, make sure you see proof of insurance.

    4.) Check if the PI has any complaints

    You can contact state licensing boards and discover whether there are any complaints that have been filed against a private detective.

    5.) See if the private investigator has testimonials

    Anyone can write a testimonial these days because of the Internet. The testimonials that carry weight are testimonials written by reputable businesses, insurance carriers and attorneys.

    6.) Always request a free consultation

    The initial consultation with a private investigator in Coolville OH should always be free. During this consultation you will be able to explain your case and see if the private investigator can provide what you need, and what the costs are.

    7. The private investigator's costs and fees

    Private detectives in Coolville, OH charge different costs and fees for their services. Generally PI's charge hourly rates and additional charges for things such as mileage if they are conducting surveillance, for example.

    Make sure you know exactly what you are paying for. While some private investigators' fees may seem too much, it could mean that their findings will provide value to your case. On the other hand, private investigators who charge "too good to be true" rates may not provide any real benefits to your case.